Back to the Lithuanian flag theme. I don’t like it (left side). I prefer a State flag (right side). It’s cool, it’s bold and memorable.

In case you are wondering about the title, I borrowed it from a new Lithuanian movie, Redirected. I think that movie proves that the flag with the knight suits us better.

Anyway, sure we had to make the flag with the knight and draw it in to a leaking flag. It’s a different style from the other flags we drew, but it looks great. Big shout out to Dziugas.

I am not the only one who doesn’t like our nice 3 coloured flag. Here is Lithuanian designer Robertas pitching some ideas on how the Lithuanian flag should look. I love the black one.

Happy 11th March!

Freedom! Not This Time

1918 Germany, Lithuania and Russia. Try to imagine Germany as a Mother, Lithuania as a daughter, Russia as a Father. Germany and Russia agree that they don’t see a future as a couple and decide to divorce. So the question is: To whom does the daughter, Lithuania, belong? Mother says,‘its mine’, Father says,‘its mine’. And the daughter decides she wants to live an independent life and leaves a note to her parents saying that she is now independent. Oh, those teenagers…

I am simplifying things, but basically the 16th February marks the day that Lithuania published the Act of Independence of Lithuania proclaiming the restoration of an independent State, governed by democratic principles, with Vilnius as its capital.

In 1920 Lithuania and Russia signed a peace pact but it was short lived, lasting only until the war in 1941. Why? Because ‘we like war, we are war like people’.

Happy 16th February! 

DON’T READ THIS (If You Love Peace)

The Peace Flag. Should it be a Religion?

After failing to sell science fiction novels L Ron Hubbard figured that it might sell better if he sold them as part of a cult religion: “You don’t get rich writing science fiction. If you want to get rich, you start a religion.” Pretty smart right?

The White Poppy

London underground. The angry chat catches my attention. It appears that a guy wearing a white poppy provokes some grumpy reactions of passengers as disrespect to retired solders. Usually it is red poppy. That intrigues me and few minutes later here is me chatting with the guy.

The So long… for now

After over a year of living, breathing and sleeping The Peace Flag we’re taking a little break. It’s been an often hectic and always pleasurable experience which culminated in three countries raising the flag, how cool is that?

Thanks to everyone who has supported us, and we’ll be back with you in the new year. 

The Peace Flags We Made for Three Blogs: Ads of the World, BOOOOOOOM, It’s Nice That!

We made for three of our favourite blogs (It’s Nice That, Ads of the World, BOOOOOOOM) their own personalised flag along with a flag from their respective country. Oh, and as nice extra touches we created a rather delightful book bag for them to be posted in with and an illustrated card inside.

All Countries as One for One Day (Three so far)

The embassies of Equatorial Guinea, Colombia and Ecuador all raised their colourless flags on the 21st September in support of the Peace Flag and Peace One Day. Considering we are only one year in it’s pretty good going, we think you’ll agree. Here’s hoping next year we can get more embassies on board and we can get one step closer to creating the first official flag of peace to be adopted by the UN. 

Testing the Flags (Before September 21st)

We decided to take the flags out for a test-run in the morning breeze to see how well they’d fly before presenting them to the Colombian, Ecuadorian and Equatorial Guinean Embassies.

The Peace Flag. 365 Days in 365 Words

In 2012, only a few weeks before September 21st, the Peace Flag Initiative came into existence as a collaboration of creative individuals from the worlds of both fine art and advertising.

The Embassy of Ecuador to the UK, Official Supporters of The Peace Flag

The Interview

The Peace Flag were interviewed by a Lithuanian newspaper

D&AD, Official Supporters of The Peace Flag

Britain’s leading creative organisation, D&AD agrees to raise The Peace Flag.

The Embassy of Equatorial Guinea to the UK, Official Supporters of The Peace Flag

The embassy of Equatorial Guinea to the United Kingdom has officially agreed to support The Peace Flag initiative by raising a colorless version of the Equatorial Guinea flag on International Day of Peace, September 21.

Introducing The Peace Flag to the Bahraini Embassy

Having received a letter about our idea for the Peace Flag, we were formally invited to the Bahraini Embassy to explain the concept in more detail.